November 19–21, 2010
Wrocław, Poland


December, 13
Prod. Danny Sleator was kind enough to send us his alternative solutions to some problems. We encourage you to take a look.
November, 29
The problems and solutions have been added.
November, 23
The informal post-CERC'10 contest have been announced.
November, 22
The standings have been added.
The photo galleries have been added.
November, 15
The sponsors list has been added.
The place of the Award Ceremony has been fixed.
November, 12
The check-list has been added.
November, 9
The technical rules have been announced.
November, 8
The information about the organised leisure time at the aquapark has been published.
November, 4
The list of accepted teams has been published.
October 20 2010
The Certificate of Eligibility information has been added.
October 11 2010
Information about public transport was added, as well as the form for the invoices' data.
We urge you to book the hotels as soon as possible.
September 18 2010
Details concerning the fees, invoices and registration have been published.
May 26 2010
Details concerning the accommodation have been published.
May 10 2010
This page has been created and the date of the contest has been fixed.
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